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"First I wanted to thank you for the classes. I love them!  I have been looking for a low impact way to change my body back to the way it was before I had my two beautiful children.  And finally after almost seven years I have found it!  I love how the combination of stretching and strength training has changed my body for the better.  I love how easy the exercises are and how I can incorporate them into my daily activities.   In a little over a month and half I have lost about 6 pounds, dropped an entire dress/pant size and have almost eliminated the extra baby fat us mothers get on our tummy's post pregnancy.  Fitting into a size six has never been so rewarding.  Not to mention the muscle definition!  Thank you for making me a believer." - Heather M., San Jose

"I joined The Dailey Method in Willow Glen the weekend it opened.  As a rehab therapist by profession, I immediately realized the potential results that I could achieve with the dynamic workouts.  Despite my initial lack of strength and flexibility to do several of the exercises over my first several weeks, I stuck with it.  I am now signed up for the 90 day challenge and I feel great already!  With the combination of eating a strict, healthy diet and attending classes 3-5x/wk, I have noticed I have lost a few pounds and inches, I have gained significant strength and flexibility, and I have also received many compliments.  I also went skiing recently and did not experience any pains!  Realizing each week the continued results from attending class regularly, I hope to be able to continue attending the classes with the wonderful, motivating teachers." - Amy A., San Jose

"How can I express what the Dailey Method has done and is doing in my life???!!! I am still new to The Dailey Method but I can tell you that I will grow old practicing & evolving in The Dailey Method ways! I have severe scoliosis & have suffered from chronic daily pain for more than 10 years due to the 45 degree curve in my spine. Over the years I have been advised by my doctors to strengthen my core increasing my ability to support my spine. Sounds easy enough & reasonable but this task has been a serious struggle in my life for many years. I have tried it ALL! I have been discouraged many times feeling that I would never find a form of sustainable exercise that would develop my core strength, strengthening & stabilizing my spine. Discovering The Dailey Method has been like a breath of fresh air! I absolutely love it! It has given me hope that I will not always live a life in pain. The no impact workouts designed to strengthen & stretch all the major muscle groups in your body does just that & they are fun! Every part of class is engaging & challenging. The teachers are well trained, motivating & are very attentive to each student correcting both positioning & form if needed throughout class. I appreciate the hands on help very much as it has helped give me confidence that I am doing things correctly enabling me to improve in my personal practice & not injure myself. The Dailey Method in a short amount of time has significantly helped increase my overall strength & flexibility. I look forward to each class & feel that by participating my overall body awareness has increased carrying into my everyday activities.  My entire body is becoming stronger, is being toned & most importantly in my world my pain level is decreasing.  I hope my story & experience with The Dailey Method encourages you to try it! Surprise yourself! You can do it! Trust me, if I can, you can! Thank you Jill Dailey & all you amazing people who are passing on & sharing with others The Dailey Method! My quality has of life is improving because of your efforts!"  - Hanna S., San Jose

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